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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide men with the option to buy day-to-day wardrobe essentials in the size that best fits their body, this includes length. To date, the menswear industry has standardised chest widths to the sizing we have come to expect; small, medium, large etc. Length, we feel, has been neglected and can vary greatly between brands.

The aim of ‘SHAW is to provide men’s clothing in the industry standard chest sizes but in a range of lengths. With this we hope to accommodate men of all heights and widths and provide peace-of-mind when buying any item from the range.

The journey for us and our customers is beginning with our T sizing. T sizing provides a length that is approximately 5 cms longer than standard menswear tops. We feel it’s best suited for men 6 foot 3 and over, or men looking for a longer fit.

We hope that in time our clothing satisfies the needs of our customers globally, as well as provides a new basis and shift for the clothing industry.

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